Q: What materials are typically used?

A: We primarily use either vinyl or aluminum clad compressed excrusions for the structure of our additions. These materials are much more durable than a typical wood construction and they are much easier to maintain and clean. The paint is baked directly into the materials so there will never be a need to repaint. Our windows are high-quality and give star energy rated. Our screens are installed on site by hand for exceptional performance.

Q: How is the price of the addition determined?

A: Every addition we build is custom made to fit our customer's needs. Due to every project being unique, there is no way to determine exact cost until after an estimate, which we offer for free. However, some basic factors affect the overall cost like the size of the build, the materials chosen (i.e. fluted column instead of a traditional column), any existing structures that may help or hinder construction, and also the type of addition desired.

Q: How long does it take to complete an addition?

A: Typically it takes 4-5 days for normal sunroom installation. Timing is also based on several factors. The way the process usually works is, after a design and price has been agreed on, we place an order for the materials which can take a few weeks to be delivered. After delivery, we will contact the customer to schedule the installation. Once construction has started, it typically goes quickly.

Q: How are the additions maintained?

A: Our materials are extremely easy to maintain. Soap and water are generally all that is needed to clean any dirt or scuffs. We also offer re-screening at an affordable price if one is torn in the future.

Q: Does the homeowner need to be present during the build?

A: Usually the homeowner doesn't need to be there during construction. However, some special situations require access to the inside of the home (i.e. to run electrical wire).